Our Team

Kangaroos: Kristie Timss

Lambs: Leah Ames and Amanda Clement

Giraffes: Cizzi Berge and Micaela Petkovits

Doves: Cizzi Berge and Chantal Heun

Doves: Micaela Petkovits and Terry Baird

Lions (4 day):  Carolina Leitner and Michele Gill

Lions (4/5 day): Kathie Longe and Liz Chighizola

Music: Joel Bevington

Chapel: Terry Baird

FLRB School Board:

  • Tamarah Lee, Chair
  • Amy Day
  • Terry Baird
  • Bianca Persenger
  • Jamie Lyon

Bookkeeper: Karen Ewing

Co -Directors: Kristie Timss & Leah Ames