Top Row (left to Right): Kristie Timss, Barbara Sloate, Nancy Malek, Valya Hart, Kristen Stevens

Bottom Row (left to right): Carolina Leitner, Stephanie Haper, Terry Anderson, Diana, Kathie Longe, Randi Johnson, Karen Beasley

Director- Kären Beasley

Karen has a B.A. in Social Sciences and Early Childhood Education.  Karen lives in Shoreline with her husband Scott of 37 years.  They have three children and four grandchildren.  Karen has worked at First Lutheran Preschool and Kindergarten for 23 years and the last 17 years as Director.  Karen is an active member of First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach.

Kangaroo Teacher-– Carolina Leitner

Lamb Teachers– – Randi Johnson & Valya Hart

Dove Teachers –– Randi Johnson & Valya Hart

                              Kristin Stevens & Barbara Sloate

Lion Teachers– Kathie Longe & Diana

                             Terry Anderson & Kristie Timss

Kindergarten Teachers-Nancy Malek & Stephanie Harper

Nancy Malek- A Southwest transplant learning to enjoy life in the NW rain forest with her husband, Jack, and son Sam.  Nancy has taught all ages of children for numerous years in both public and private school.  She has a Master’s Degree in Education, and her philosophy of teaching is, “Every child can learn and has something special to offer our community of learners.”  She continues to pursue classes and conferences focusing on early education, special education, and children and God.


 Enrichment Instructors

Kidmoves– Mrs. Karen Herr

Book Worms– Mrs. Kathie

Spanish-  Mrs. Carolina Leitner

Discovery Kids – Terry Anderson

School Board Members

Sue McCormick

Terry Baird

Kristina Svenkerud

Kelly Oliver

Julie Anneberg

Brita Woeck