Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!

Welcome back to school…and we are looking forward to a fantastic finish in 2012 to our school year !!!  Our room is inhabited by polar bears and penguins.  The only time they get to play with each other is during the month of January in the “Middle Pole” in our classroom. 

We are also very busy assessing all the school skills we are acquiring and teachers are preparing to share their findings and observations with parents during conferences.  You will be amazed at all your children can do !!!!

Pajama Day is coming up…Tuesday, January 30th…it promises to be a fun, lazy day !!! You don’t even have to get dressed… come to school in your p.j’s !!!!!!!!

As always, if you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

mim brustuen mimiemb@yahoomail.com

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