Looking for a way to help out or be involved?  Check the volunteer descriptions below to see if anything fits for you!  Thank you for sharing your time and talents with our school!

Volunteer Areas:

Fund Raising:

1. Classroom Coordinator:

A. Be willing to work with the director and board on one major fundraiser for the year. Over the past few years we have held a “Basket Raffle” in the spring.   As coordinator you would help plan a theme for your classroom basket, ask for parents to help procure items for that basket, and ready the basket for display.

B. Assist the Director with stuffing envelopes and adding labels to envelopes for our Fall Annual Appeal Letter.

2.       Compile Yearly T-Shirt Order

Once a year we order t-shirts and sweat shirts with our school logo on them. These are a fun, inexpensive way to show school spirit.  If you indicate a willingness to volunteer in this capacity the expectations for this job are:

A.  Double check that proper amounts have been paid for each order.

B.  Tally the number of each size sweat shirt and t-shirts.

C.  Once the order arrives, prepare and distribute the order to the students and families.


3.     Scholastic Book Orders:

Each year we order books from Scholastic Books. This is another big job and has been broken down into several small jobs requiring the help of several people.

            A.  Someone to put teachers’ name and due date on order forms. We usually need one parent from each class. After writing the teacher’s name and due date on the order form, they are returned to the teacher and will be distributed to the students.

            B. A person or persons to compile and bag up the orders once the books are sent to the school, and return them to individual classsrooms so they can be returned to the students.

4.       Spring Ice Cream Social/Art Walk Committee: (March 23, 2018)

Each year, in the spring, First Lutheran Preschool & Kindergarten will have an evening of fun and ice cream. This evening usually coincides with our annual fundraiser. Since the teachers and the director are busy in the classrooms, parents have traditionally hosted the evening. They are responsible for decoration in  the Fellowship Hall, refreshments, and greeters. The evening has a budget from the Preschool Board. This one evening is totally hosted by parents. Information is kept from year to year to help with planning.

            A. Persons to coordinate the evening. The director has a list of all parents who have volunteered to help with the night. This person or persons must be able to delegate the jobs of refreshments, decorations, clean-up and serving to other people.

            B.   Persons willing to help on the committee. Set up, Clean up or Decorations

5.     Classroom or Teacher Help:

First Lutheran Preschool encourages Parents to volunteer in their child’s classroom in several ways; they include but are not limited to:

                    A.      Work as a substitute in your child’s classroom when one of the teachers is absent.

                    B.       Assist the teachers with project preparation or making playdough.

                    C.       Coordinate Teacher Appreciation Celebrations for your child’s class during the last week of school.

                    D.      Volunteer to sew or repair equipment:

Job Descriptions and Expectations for Classroom Help:

                    A.         Work as a substitute in your child’s classroom.

On occasion teachers call in sick, plan to take time off to attend a conference or some other event out of the building on a class day. Parents who indicate their willingness to volunteer in this capacity may be asked to substitute on short notice or may be given several days or weeks notice. When substituting on a regular class day we ask that you remember you are filling in for a teacher. You will be asked to help supervise and interact with children other than your own, and help with snacks, art, and outdoor time. You may be asked to work with a small group of children on a language activity, reading books and assisting in their play. It is also requested you arrive about 15 minutes before class time so you can be briefed about the order and activities of the day. We ask that you also stay 15 minutes after class time to assist with the cleanup. You will always work with one of the teachers and unless previously agreed upon your volunteering will be on a day-to-day basis. Most classes usually have more than one volunteer that can be called upon. When volunteering in a classroom, you may be given information about a child to help you when working with them. Confidentiality is always a high priority in our preschool. Please keep any personal information to yourself when talking about our program in the community.

                B. Help with Project Preperation: There are times during the year when teachers need help with cutting or tracing to ready a project for the children. These  projects can be taken home and brought back or they can be done here at school.

                    C.  Coordinate Teacher Appreciation (or help) :The last week of school is set aside for “Teacher Appreciation”. This person would be willing to coordinate the celebration for their child’s classroom.                                          .         

                    D.  On occasion we have need of some help in sewing props or paint shirts for the children. Since roughly 150 children are using our equipment each week, trikes and big wheels may need to be repaired and newly purchased items may need to be assembled. If you volunteer to do sewing, the materials needed for the project will be  provided in a timely manner. The sewing is usually very simple.

                    E. Repair or assembly of new equipment will also have the materials provided. If repair work requires the purchase of something, the preschool will reimburse you for the cost.

6.       Interesting Jobs and Community Resources: We are always trying to bring in outside resources as “in-house” field trips for the children We are looking for ANY ideas and names.  Examples of past opportunities:  Firefighters, Dentists/Hygienists, Veterinarians, Store Managers, Cookie Companies, parents who play instruments, or have a skill in a certain kind of craft. Also, do you know a High School student looking for volunteer hours? We would love to have them spend some time at our school with the kids or help with a project.