Buying books from SCHOLASTIC is an easy & wonderful way to support the school. The selection of books and computer software is unbeatable and the school earns a percentage of each purchase to use towards purchasing books for the school.

Each month we send out order forms for FIREFLY, SEESAW and HONEYBEE book clubs. Several times a year we have additional special order forms for the holidays or parent resources.

Ready to buy books?

You may purchase books from Scholastic by ordering online with your debit or credit-card or you may pay by check at the school office with a paper copy of the flyer’s order page.

IMPORTANT: If ordering online you must enter in the school code GQR2Y in order for our school to get credit for your purchases.

order scholastic online

Not ordering online?

Look through the flyer. On the back there is an order form where you indicate your choices. Add up the amount you are spending in the amount due box and the quantity. PLEASE WRITE YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON THE FORM TOO!!

Write a check to SCHOLASTIC – you can write one for ALL the book orders.

Cut the order form off the flyer, put the order form(s) along with your check in an envelope with BOOK ORDER on the front or just staple your check and the order form(s) together.  Place your envelope in the black box outside the director’s office or hand it to one of your teachers.

If for some reason you do not want your child to know you are ordering books – send a note with your order – we will have it put in a brown bag which you can pick up in the preschool office or your teachers will hand to you personally. This is a great way to do Birthday and Christmas shopping!

Thank you for shopping Scholastic Books – you are helping support our school!