The kindergarten class is a unique opportunity for your child to learn and grow through hands-on experiences and play.  Class hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-1:00 pm.  Just look at what kindergarten can be for your child:

Class size is held at 14 children with 2 full-time teachers!  Children learn at their level with plenty of opportunities to individualize curriculum.

Field trips include over 15 trips each year to people and places throughout our community.  From farms, to pizza, to parks, to the theater and the library we get out and go places and do things together.

Exploration is shown by current research to be an integral part of children’s learning.  Our alphabet is multi-sensory.  We have a day devoted to science and a day devoted to art exploration.  Children explore social/emotional skills by working alone, in partners, small groups and whole groups.  

Extra-curricular activities are in abundance with music, Spanish, movement, yoga classes and more on a weekly basis!

Each day in class is filled with activities to engage, challenge and build a life-long excitement for learning.  Come and visit us today!

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